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Door Repair

Massey Admin - Monday, January 31, 2011

Repair of Doors:

Some areas to look at on your door systems:

Strip doors:

a.       Strips- old, discolored, dirty (difficult to see through).

b.      Strips-cut or broken (results in heat or cold loss).

c.       We have all the components in stock.

Double Acting Door:

a.       Door will not easily open a close.

Freezer Door:

a.       Seals cut and ripped.

b.      Door will not fully close.

c.       Stay roller at floor not engaging bottom of the door panel.

d.      Seals old and brittle.

e.      Ice build up

Hi Speed Fabric Doors:

a.  Do not open and close properly and provide a good seal.

b. Ripped or torn curtain

c. Safety features not working (photoeyes ect.)

Please call us, we will give estimates and quotes to repair the above equipment.




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