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Massey Admin - Monday, February 15, 2010

You can design storage systems as follows:
      1.    Bulk stack product on your floors. In initial cost, this is the most economical solution, but you cannot normally stack over
             2 high.
      2.    Selective rack storage: One deeps plus 12’ aisles equals a storage utilization of 33.7%, aisle space is 67.7%.

      3.    Drive-in rack storage: 2 to 7 deep plus 12’ aisles equals 66.7% storage and 33.7% aisles.

      4.    High rise- Turret Truck or Stacker Crane Systems equals 80% storage and 20% aisles.

There are many variations on the above: push back rack, flow rack, narrow aisle lift trucks (single bay, two deep) Product flow # of line items, rates etc.

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