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Selective Rack

Massey Admin - Monday, June 14, 2010

In a majority of storage applications when pallets are stored selective pallet racks are purchased. I would estimate 70% of pallet rack used in the St. Louis area is selective.

Advantages of Selective Pallet Rack:

  • Low cost
  • All line items are available for picking, either full pallet load or partial.
  • Good rotation of your inventory.

Disadvantages of Selective Pallet Rack:

  • Low space utilization- 20% of your floor space is storage- 80% is aisles.

Selective pallet racks are for 1 deep storage (in some cases 2 deep) generally with two picking levels, and surge above. These racks are designed around the pallet size used. EXAMPLE: A  48”x 40” pallet will require a pallet rack 42” or 44” deep, the most economic span is 2 pallets wide (90” to 96” clear width). The height of the storage rack is determined by:

  • The pallet height.
  • Lift truck lifting height.
  • Clear vertical height under your bar joists or sprinkler heads.

Massey Equipment is available to design and install your storage system. We stock new and used selective rack in our warehouse at 915 St. Louis Ave.

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